I suddenly found myself in a park. I don't know how I got there. Luckily it was only a couple of blocks from the alley Lauren and I had been sleeping in. I am fucking scared because I was on watch. I NEVER WENT TO SLEEP. I was sitting against a wall one minute, then I was standing in a park. What the hell is going on?

At least we are still alive, although sometimes I wonder...


Don't know where to go from here...

I finally managed to steal a laptop...

TGM deserted us in the middle of the night. I am sure he had his reasons. I hope you are okay Glass...
I don't even know where we are...
A guy in a hoody has been following us for the past 3 days. I can see him standing across the street. We better move.


I'm a killer...

I killed someone... Glass said I froze. I was preparing myself for pumping lead into another human being. Glass has had plenty of practice. I guess I wanted Ferus to be the only one that I kill. That seems like it is no longer possible. I will have to take down any goons that he sends our way. So Glass, I wont "freeze" next time. In fact, I will be the one shooting first.


Checking in...

I am just updating to tell everyone that we are not dead, yet. Lauren is still struggling. She's tough though. I think I saw slendy fuck in an ally way yesterday. Bad news but it keeps me moving when my limbs want to give out. No proxy attacks as of yet. Sleeping with my gun in my hand just in case. Almost out of food. Going to have to buy some or resort to more drastic measures. TGM revealed that we are heading to Texas. Steers and queers.




I have been in shock for the past couple of days, but now my mind is crystal clear. I now know what I must do.
You have made a terrible mistake. At first, I was going to let you be Glass's problem, but then you murdered one of my life long friends. We will hunt you  and I am going to be the one that kills you.  I will beat you down and rip off your wielding mask so you can look into my eyes as 6 bullets exit my gun and enter your brain.

Your main weapon is fear. But what happens if your prey stops fearing you? What happens if you start to fear me?

You will learn to fear me... I promise you that.


What doesn't kill you...

The going has been tough. All three of us have lost weight (have to ration out the food). My shoulder is still black and it hurts like a MF at night. Maybe it hurts when HE is near? That would be convenient. Like a fucking slendy  radar...

Anyways, Lauren is sick. Nothing too serious. Just thought I'd mention it.

We have traveled far, and we still have a ways to go.

I need to sleep...



I am fucking sick and tired of eating corn out of a can. I had to get that off my chest. TGM sure knows how to strike it up as a hobo. He has been sharing all sorts of useful knowledge for living on the streets. Lauren still thinks he is creepy. Hell, I do too, but he is our best shot at getting out of this mess alive. If there is a way out that is...

Whatever... Heading southwest on sore and bleeding feet.



Things have gotten heated at Brian's house. We are leaving now. Heading West. I took a lot of canned food from his pantry. I feel awful but we will need it more than he will.
I don't fully trust TGM yet. Not that he is evil or anything, more like he would sacrifice Lauren or I at the drop of a hat to exact revenge on Zero or Ferus. Oh, well. He still knows a hell of a lot more about what is going on then I do.

Alright, one final inventory check.  I would like my readers to note that all these items were intended to be used during the apoclypse so I may have to dump a few nonsensical items.

Black powdered .44 revolver
140 rounds of ammunition
Blued .38 special revolver (Lauren)
60 rounds of ammunition (Lauren)
Serrated Combat Knife
Flashlight w/ extra batteries
Gun cleaning kit
Unbreakable hip canteen
Journal w/ mechanical pencil (Lauren)
Advanced medical kit
Backup first aid-kit (Lauren)
$150 cash (Lauren)
4 tubes super glue (Lauren)
Duct Tape (Lauren)
3 bags beef jerky
Survival compass (Lauren)
Laminated map of surrounding area
4 flares
15x15' waterproof tarp
200 water proof matches
Small wind-up/solar powered radio (Lauren)
Small mirror (Lauren)
12 feet nylon rope (Lauren)
Bolt cutter
Water purification tablets
Survival knife (Lauren)
Small tool kit
Brian's canned food


Wish us luck...



Well if you haven't read TGM last update, he is here at my friend's house. He is resting up (after a well meaning Lauren smacked him in the head with a lamp).

I can tell he has been through a lot. He showed up half starved with cuts and bruises everywhere. I can't bring myself to look him in the eyes yet. He has the cold eyes of a killer.

We are heading out soon. Can't risk being in the same place to long. My shoulder is now black from when HE touched me. It aches constantly. A reminder of how close I was to oblivion.


Shit just got real.

Fuck this shit.... Seriously, fuck it. I keep telling myself that I will wake up fromthis awful nightmare. I guess I should tell you what happened...

It was a typical night. I was on watch, Lauren was asleep. My T.V. suddenly filled with nothing but ztatic. The lights started flickering. Not good. I turned to wake up Lauren whenI saw HIM.

HE was walking up my stairs...

I grabbed Lauren in a choke hold and drew my forty-four. Shot twice when HE was ducking to enter my room. The crash of the gun was deafening. The air was all hazey and warping. I immediately had the feeling that  was in the presence of something "ancient" and "Lnfinite".  That is the best I can describ being in the same room as HIM.

I begane backing up. Lauren is screaming at this point (gun went Off by hear ear). Slendy stretched across the room and placed his "appendage" on my shoulder. My whole world exploded with pain. I couldn't see, couldn't think. I lunged backwards out my widow (cutting my arms pretty badly). As I was falling, looking up at Slendy in my window, one thought continually went through my mind: That fucker isin my' house.

I hit the ground and Lauren landed on top of me. we sprinted at leasst a mile before we dared look back. Thank god that I had gotten into the habit of wearing my B.O.B all the time. We walked 13 miles to my friend;s house (that is where I am updating from).. I called my mom, said I was okay, that it was an emergency and not to call the cops. She said she is worried about me. Oh well, I have bigger things to deal with  than how my mom views me.

It's officail now, kiddies. Rayne and Lauren are officially runners. I plan to leave in a couple days. I have informed The Glass Man about our new wher-eabouts and he promised to show up so0n.