No Unity my ass...

The Glass Man is on his way to my house. At first I was worried about this "Ferus" guy, but I decided that TGM needs help and I plan to give it to him. Lauren's a little worried though, I caught her crying the other day.

In other news, I think I got Slendyfuck on camera. It's right at the beginning of the tape, and after 3 seconds it stops working. I then have to tinker with it for a while before I am allowed to play it again. I will look into getting a capture card so I can upload it to Youtube.


More bad news

Lauren's Gmail account was hacked. Thank god that she didn't have admin rights to the blog (but that didn't stop whoever it was from covering my blog with nonsense). Her old account was ALL fucked up, so I blocked it and removed the shit that they were wrote). I set her up with a new one and messed with the layout of the blog (can any experienced blog makers give me some tips on how to improve my it?). Every bit of the vandalism was pure gibberish except for one message: "N0 Uni7y" No Unity? What the hell does that mean? and what does 07 have to do with it? Or maybe it's 70?

I didn't sleep at all last night. I let Lauren sleep while I repacked my B.O.B. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bug-out_bag <--- for the noobs). Lauren and I have to be prepared to start running at a moments notice. I would be lying if I said I wasn't scared for both of us.

In other news The Glass Man over @ http://theaflacduckisanabomination.blogspot.com/ responded to my email about meeting up with him. He stated in the email: "I apologize for leaving you waiting. I've been unable to pause for too long in the last two weeks. If you still wish to meet up, I just need to know where to find you"

I sure hope he doesn't mind me posting that. Anyways, this brings me back to the message "N0 Uni7y" I think someone noted my past attempts to try to team up with M and didn't like it. I am going to go off on a limb here and say that someone doesn't want survivors teaming up. Then they would probably be pissed when they saw what is going on over @ http://countingitup.blogspot.com/.


Running for my life and almost knocking Lauren out

It was terrible. Yesterday, I walked to the gas station to get some gas for the lawn mower (11 or 12 blocks). On my way back, I spotted HIM in an alleyway. I broke out in a sprint for a full minute before I looked behind me. HE was beside a tree not more than 30 feet away. A threw my gas can at him (it didn't hit him) and ran even faster. Every time I peeked over my shoulder, HE was somewhere not quite out in the open. It appears that running for your life slows time down because I felt like I was running for days. I made it to the back of my house and to my horror, I discovered that the back door was locked. I sprinted around opened my front door and practically flew my house. I slammed the door.

Lauren was in the kitchen and immediately knew something was up. She said something and I was so startled that I whirled around and attempted to full force punch the perceived threat. I thankfully missed and ended up smashing a cabinet door. I apologized and told her what had happened. She didn't say anything but instead looked at the blood dripping from my hand. Then she finally said "Well, I guess the lawn won't be getting mowed today." I remember laughing, but it was a pained laugh mixed with knowledge that I was safe, but only for the moment.

What happened is significant. It marks the first time that HE has aggressively gone after one of us. If this gets any worse, I am going on the run. And I am taking Lauren with me, whether she likes it or not. The alternative is death, pure and simple.

Fuck, my hand hurts...


Hi, my name is Lauren...

Sorry I have been so busy, I moved in with Rayne about a week and a half ago and he has been educating me on the subject of guns and survival techniques (he thinks we may need to go on the run soon and I tend to agree). That and we both have summer school, but that is falling more and more at the wayside.

So here's my story:

I come from a tiny place called Eureka, Montana. It started 6 months ago, but not with me. It was my little sister, Rachel. She was in the 4th grade. She stopped going to school. My parents and I didn't understand why. When I would ask her, all she would say is that the man keeps staring at her through the window. She started drawing this "man" 24/7. Then she vanished. That fucker took her. I swear to god that I will find a way to kill him.

I began seeing him while still grieving. My anger was gradually replaced by fear, but not entirely. I begged and pleaded my parents to let me move. They finally allowed me to move in with my Aunt in Indiana. Thank god that some of my credits didn't transfer. (If they did, I wouldn't have taken summer school and I wouldn't have met Rayne) I thought I could get on with my life. I was wrong. After a brief respite, he started showing up again. I started having terrible nightmares exactly like the one Rayne has already described. You know the rest.

Story ends here-------------------------------------------------

Rayne has set up some "security system" (read cluster fuck) all around the upstairs. I'll let him talk about that, because he is really proud of it. His mom has been really nice about me living there (Rayne told her that I had no place to go). The sweetheart lets me sleep in his bed and he sleeps on the floor.

BTW, Lauren is not my real name, Rayne insists that the less info out there, the better.


I found her

Let me explain. I am currently in summer school (yeah I know, herp derp Rayne. It's just half a class so I can graduate). I was walking to the bathroom to take a piss, when I walked by a window of a classroom. I saw her out of the corner of my eye and stopped. We made eye contact and she ran out of the classroom and up to me. "I-I've seen you before!" she half shouts. "In my dreams."
I just looked at her and said "me too".   

Her: "Is HE after you too?" 
Me: "Yes"
Her: "What are we going to do?"
Me: "You can start by telling me your name."
Her: "I'm Lauren and I moved here from Montana."
Me: "My name is Rayne."

I ask if she wants to leave and she says yes. So we get into my car and head to my house. We get there and head up to my room. Then we had a loooooong talk. I would tell you her story but I think that it is better coming from her. I gave her my login name and password for my blog. Expect a update from her in a while. I'm tired, been up all night, going to catch some zzz's.



As I have mentioned before, I have had one particular dream again and again. It's slightly different each time but the premise remains the same. It begins with me running from Slenderman in an alleyway when I encounter a girl running from the opposite direction. She looks to be my age and is absolutely hysterical. We hug each other and start sobbing as darkness encloses around us. Then I wake up, not all at once, but slowly.

I don't know what it means but it seems important. Who is that girl? I know that I have never seen her before. Is she a real person or a figment of my unconscious mind?

UPDATE: I am seeing him more and more. Mostly glimpses out of the corner of my eye, I am starting to lose weight (I forget to eat, so what? Can you blame me?).


The Tapes

It's soooo hard to sleep now. But I have been getting some. I hate sleeping. That's when I am at my most vulnerable. Apparently HE knows that too.

I have been reviewing the tapes. The only thing out of the ordinary occurs every night around 2:30-3:00 A.M. The tapes show me sleeping soundly at first, then I start flailing around while the camera becomes heavily distorted.

I want to set my alarm so that I will wake up at 2:30 but I am terrified of what I might see.

I have also been having a reoccurring dream. It seems important and I will post about it later. I have to collect myself first.

Can anyone help me?