Things have gotten heated at Brian's house. We are leaving now. Heading West. I took a lot of canned food from his pantry. I feel awful but we will need it more than he will.
I don't fully trust TGM yet. Not that he is evil or anything, more like he would sacrifice Lauren or I at the drop of a hat to exact revenge on Zero or Ferus. Oh, well. He still knows a hell of a lot more about what is going on then I do.

Alright, one final inventory check.  I would like my readers to note that all these items were intended to be used during the apoclypse so I may have to dump a few nonsensical items.

Black powdered .44 revolver
140 rounds of ammunition
Blued .38 special revolver (Lauren)
60 rounds of ammunition (Lauren)
Serrated Combat Knife
Flashlight w/ extra batteries
Gun cleaning kit
Unbreakable hip canteen
Journal w/ mechanical pencil (Lauren)
Advanced medical kit
Backup first aid-kit (Lauren)
$150 cash (Lauren)
4 tubes super glue (Lauren)
Duct Tape (Lauren)
3 bags beef jerky
Survival compass (Lauren)
Laminated map of surrounding area
4 flares
15x15' waterproof tarp
200 water proof matches
Small wind-up/solar powered radio (Lauren)
Small mirror (Lauren)
12 feet nylon rope (Lauren)
Bolt cutter
Water purification tablets
Survival knife (Lauren)
Small tool kit
Brian's canned food


Wish us luck...


  1. It's a bit late to extract vengeance on Zero, and either way I had that opportunity. I didn't do it.