Shit just got real.

Fuck this shit.... Seriously, fuck it. I keep telling myself that I will wake up fromthis awful nightmare. I guess I should tell you what happened...

It was a typical night. I was on watch, Lauren was asleep. My T.V. suddenly filled with nothing but ztatic. The lights started flickering. Not good. I turned to wake up Lauren whenI saw HIM.

HE was walking up my stairs...

I grabbed Lauren in a choke hold and drew my forty-four. Shot twice when HE was ducking to enter my room. The crash of the gun was deafening. The air was all hazey and warping. I immediately had the feeling that  was in the presence of something "ancient" and "Lnfinite".  That is the best I can describ being in the same room as HIM.

I begane backing up. Lauren is screaming at this point (gun went Off by hear ear). Slendy stretched across the room and placed his "appendage" on my shoulder. My whole world exploded with pain. I couldn't see, couldn't think. I lunged backwards out my widow (cutting my arms pretty badly). As I was falling, looking up at Slendy in my window, one thought continually went through my mind: That fucker isin my' house.

I hit the ground and Lauren landed on top of me. we sprinted at leasst a mile before we dared look back. Thank god that I had gotten into the habit of wearing my B.O.B all the time. We walked 13 miles to my friend;s house (that is where I am updating from).. I called my mom, said I was okay, that it was an emergency and not to call the cops. She said she is worried about me. Oh well, I have bigger things to deal with  than how my mom views me.

It's officail now, kiddies. Rayne and Lauren are officially runners. I plan to leave in a couple days. I have informed The Glass Man about our new wher-eabouts and he promised to show up so0n. 

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