An Introduction

For starters, I am not going to reveal my name, location, or age. You can call me Rayne, you can know I live somewhere in Indiana and I am young male. I figure the less personal information out there, the better.

Lets start on the real purpose of this blog:

It's been about two months. He is real. I am certain of that. I have indirectly seen him 5-6 times now. But more than often, I can sense that he's out there (Anyone going through this shit will know what I'm talking about). The problem is that my home town is semi-rural and surrounded by woods. He could be anywhere at anytime. I feel alright during the day. It is, however, a different story at night. I have pretty bad night blindness so I have to rely on my instincts/feelings and hearing when it gets dark. I can just feel him "staring". I also experience horrible coughing spells at night which is not very reassuring.

There are three reasons why I started this blog. I feel if I don't write this shit down. I am going to lose my mind. I am also so sick of feeling alone, I need to know that other people are going through this too. I also need to have my story archived in case anything happens to me.

BTW, this is my first blog as this is the only time I felt that I needed one.

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