My Situation

I guess I should talk about my current predicament. I have already started drawing him. The drawings almost scare me as much as he does. Almost. I will post pics later if I get the chance.

This brings me to my next point: I do not have a home computer, digital camera or a video camera. This means that my updates are most likely going to be sporadic. I have been trying to convince my friend to let me borrow his VHS recorder so I can film myself sleeping. Having it would help me sleep better. I could also could use the night vision to help me see into the distance when it is dark.

I do, however, have a bunch of guns, ammo and other gear. I consider myself a bit of a survivalist. Before   HE started stalking me, I was getting prepared for the apocalypse and the eventual collapse of society. Now don't go thinking "gun nut+ lives in indiana=hick" because I am not a hick. If you really wish to know what I look like, I have long hair and usually wear band shirts (mostly Metallica, at least thier good albums). I know I said that I wouldn't reveal anything about myself but I am feeling generous.

I have already gone looking for HIM in the woods at night. (Stupid, I know.) Each time, I heard twigs breaking, tapping, and foot steps. It was not like something was approaching quickly, but rather slowly. Somehow, that was more scary then if HE had ran at me.

My mental health seems pretty well, all things considered. I get really paranoid sometimes though. Who wouldn't?

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