The Storm

Last night, there was a sudden thunderstorm that kicked up around 8:00. It was over in about an hour. It was raining hard outside and I was chilling on my bed reading. I went downstairs to get flashlights and candles. on my way back, I turned on the weather channel. Both the picture and audio cut in and out with static. I assumed it was because of the storm. I know now that I was wrong. After becoming frustrated with the T.V., I went upstairs to resume reading. The rain started beating against the house extremely loudly. I walked to my window to watch. Something about storms, you know. Then, lightning illuminated my entire town. In that split second of bright light, I saw HIM standing in my neighbors yard, Staring at my window. I am not ashamed to admit that I shit my pants. Another bright lightning flare and HE was gone. If felt true terror. The kind that makes you clench up and shake. The kind that makes you feel like ice, but causes you to sweat buckets. The kind of fear only something like HIM could bring.

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