I want to find M and team up with him. I have come to the conclusion that Slenderman wishes to isolate his victims. Maybe I can organize an IRL meeting with all the runners in a hotel or something. What's the worst that could happen? HE shows up and kills us all? Not likely. HE always seems to strike when you are alone.
I'm convinced that working together is a good idea.

UPDATE: I have seen HIM a few more times now. Mostly in the woods on the way to and from school. While I haven't told anyone about my situation, my friends think I am on drugs. Sleeping is difficult. Especally when you try to do it with every upstairs light on.
Good news though. I now have a camera in my possession and am buying tapes for it tonight. I have drawn a giant operater symbol on my room's ceiling and thinking about it makes me feel a little safer.

What the hell am I going to do?


  1. Fuck... got the wrong kind of tapes. Getting the right kind tonight.

  2. Maybe run around. Scream a bit. Not much you can do but wait.

  3. ^that actually made me laugh, feels good to do that again.