Hi, my name is Lauren...

Sorry I have been so busy, I moved in with Rayne about a week and a half ago and he has been educating me on the subject of guns and survival techniques (he thinks we may need to go on the run soon and I tend to agree). That and we both have summer school, but that is falling more and more at the wayside.

So here's my story:

I come from a tiny place called Eureka, Montana. It started 6 months ago, but not with me. It was my little sister, Rachel. She was in the 4th grade. She stopped going to school. My parents and I didn't understand why. When I would ask her, all she would say is that the man keeps staring at her through the window. She started drawing this "man" 24/7. Then she vanished. That fucker took her. I swear to god that I will find a way to kill him.

I began seeing him while still grieving. My anger was gradually replaced by fear, but not entirely. I begged and pleaded my parents to let me move. They finally allowed me to move in with my Aunt in Indiana. Thank god that some of my credits didn't transfer. (If they did, I wouldn't have taken summer school and I wouldn't have met Rayne) I thought I could get on with my life. I was wrong. After a brief respite, he started showing up again. I started having terrible nightmares exactly like the one Rayne has already described. You know the rest.

Story ends here-------------------------------------------------

Rayne has set up some "security system" (read cluster fuck) all around the upstairs. I'll let him talk about that, because he is really proud of it. His mom has been really nice about me living there (Rayne told her that I had no place to go). The sweetheart lets me sleep in his bed and he sleeps on the floor.

BTW, Lauren is not my real name, Rayne insists that the less info out there, the better.

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