No Unity my ass...

The Glass Man is on his way to my house. At first I was worried about this "Ferus" guy, but I decided that TGM needs help and I plan to give it to him. Lauren's a little worried though, I caught her crying the other day.

In other news, I think I got Slendyfuck on camera. It's right at the beginning of the tape, and after 3 seconds it stops working. I then have to tinker with it for a while before I am allowed to play it again. I will look into getting a capture card so I can upload it to Youtube.


  1. I am actually more scared then worried. Not that there is much of a difference...:(

  2. You said you weren't afraid of me, Rayne. How about when I tie you and Lauren to the same chair and cut her throat so that you drown in her blood. Will you be afraid then. I certainly hope so. I want to see your eyes when you die.

  3. That does not inspire confidence...

  4. I hope you're alright, Ferus seems to be having a nasty little streak about him lately. He said something of a similar tone to me and Joel.