The Tapes

It's soooo hard to sleep now. But I have been getting some. I hate sleeping. That's when I am at my most vulnerable. Apparently HE knows that too.

I have been reviewing the tapes. The only thing out of the ordinary occurs every night around 2:30-3:00 A.M. The tapes show me sleeping soundly at first, then I start flailing around while the camera becomes heavily distorted.

I want to set my alarm so that I will wake up at 2:30 but I am terrified of what I might see.

I have also been having a reoccurring dream. It seems important and I will post about it later. I have to collect myself first.

Can anyone help me?


  1. If you do set an alarm, I would suggest attempting to do so at a time when He does not appear to be around. Otherwise it is likely He will simply adjust any interference with yourself to a time when you will still be asleep.

  2. Smart kid. You don't think HE was in my house, do you? I can't tell from the tapes (to distorted) but I hope to god that HE is not in my room at night. My door is still shut when I wake up so I doubt it. I might rig a couple of tripwires connected to bells or something else mechanical in nature.

  3. What's with calling Slendy, HE. HIM. Whatever. What is he, God?

  4. ^Good question. Simply saying or typing HIS name gives me the creeps so I enunciate HE, HIM, HIS ect. That way, you know who I am talking about.